PNG Rugby plans it's way to the future

Oceania Rugby, Tue May 22, 2018 7:40AM

Richard Sapias, Ben Frame, Syd Yates, Michael Uiari & Bruce Cook. (Source: Oceania Rugby)
A delegation of the court-appointed Interim Board of the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football Union (PNGRFU) were in Australia last week to meet with key personnel from World Rugby and Oceania Rugby in a joint effort to revitalise rugby union in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The delegation which included Ben Frame, Michael Uiari and Syd Yates met with World Rugby Council member and Oceania Rugby President Richard Sapias and Rugby Services Manager Oceania for World Rugby and General Manager Oceania Rugby Bruce Cook at Rugby Australia’s Headquarters in Sydney.

“The meeting was an appropriate way to initiate our working relations with the Interim Board and the outcomes we achieved demonstrated our joint effort for the betterment of the game in PNG,” Sapias said.

“We have commenced our planning to rebuild the game in PNG and we are moving forward with a player-centred approach in our solutions,” Sapias added.

Delegation member Michael Uiari said the Interim Board were leaving the past behind now and have plotted a twelve month plan to take the union forward.

“Key milestones have been determined and we will be working very hard to achieve these both on time and on target,” Uiari added.

Syd Yates an Independent member of the Interim Board was enthused about the way the working party were able to see a bright future for the game in PNG. He said the troubles of the past would not interfere in building a strong base for the future of the PNGRFU.

“The collegiality in the group resulted in quality decision-making and these high-level outcomes will guarantee success in our efforts and work,” Yates added.

“We needed this meeting to ground us in our endeavours as a team,” delegate Ben Frame said.

He said rugby’s values came to the fore today. “I am very confident about the road we are taking now, for the future of players and the game in PNG.” Frame added.

Rugby Services Manager in Oceania for World Rugby and General Manager Oceania Rugby Bruce Cook said the joint-meeting agreed to also implement a process to keep all key stakeholders informed of the plans and outcomes of the Interim Board as they plot the way forward.
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