Oceania Rugby Executive Committee


The Oceania Rugby Executive Committee comprises of 8 positions, 5 of which are elected to 4 year terms, 2 of which are appointed to 4 year terms and 1 ex-officio position. 


PresidentEXCO MemberEXCO Member
Richard Sapias (PNG)Brent Anderson (NZL)Andrew Larratt (AUS)
since 2010since 2015since 2017
Oceania Rugby Representative to World Rugby Council   
EXCO MemberEXCO Member

World Rugby Representative


George Latu (WSM)Charles Tauziet (TAH)Bruce Cook
 since 2018 since 2012 since 2017
Independent Director 

Women's Director 


General Manager 


Aloma JohanssonCathy Wong Bruce Cook
since 2016 since 2016 since 2017
Oceania Rugby Women's Representative to World Rugby Council   


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