Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy

Age Grade Men's XV Tournament



The yearly Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy is the Oceania Rugby age grade qualification tournament which provides a pathway to the annual World Rugby U20 Trophy. The winner of the Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy is also eligible to participate in the Oceania Rugby U20s Championship (as determined by standings).


The Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy was introduced in 2015 along with the Oceania Rugby U20 Championship as a key aspect of the regional high performance pathway for age grade teams. Teams from across the region are eligible to compete (baring those already qualified to the World Rugby U20 Championship).


The Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy has been hosted by Fiji Rugby Union since inception and has been held on both the east and west coasts of Fiji. Fiji won the 2018 World Rugby Trophy and have been promoted to the U20 Championship. This see Samoa Rugby Union named as hosts for the 2018 Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy. Tonga have featured in each instalment of the Trophy and have been joined by Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu throughout the tournament's history. 


The Oceania Rugby U20 Trohpy is traditionally held during November - December each year. 


Honour Board of Oceania Rugby U20 Trophy 

    2018: Tonga

2017: Fiji

2016: Fiji

2015: Fiji


2018 Oceania Rugby U20s Trophy Champions: Tonga