Oceania Rugby Sevens Championships

Men's and Women's Sevens Tournament


The 2019 Oceania Rugby Sevens Championships will be the twelfth edition of the Men’s event, seven edition of the Women’s event and the fifth time the two events have been combined.


The tournament which also serves as a regional qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, encourages equal opportunities for Women's rugby and Deaf rugby across Oceania and beyond. 


The Canadian Women's team and the Japan SDS Men's and Women's team will feature in this year's format including Oceania's Vanuatu Women's team, who will feature in their first international rugby outing.


The Oceania region boasts to contain the cream of the crop in regard to top performers in Rugby Sevens, including the current Olympic Gold Medalists Fiji (Men's) and Australia (Women's), current Commonwealth Games and RWC Sevens New Zealand (Men’s and Women’s) and reigning World Rugby HSBC Sevens Series Champions Fiji (Men's) and New Zealand (Women's).


The hotly contested Oceania Rugby Sevens Championship is supported by the Fiji Government.


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Honour Board of Oceania Rugby Sevens Championship




2019: Australia 2019: Australia

2018: Fiji 2018: Australia

2017: Fiji 2017: New Zealand

2016: Fiji 2016: Australia

  2015: Australia 2015: Fiji

  2014: Fiji 2014: New Zealand

2013: Samoa 2013: Australia

2012: Australia 2012: New Zealand

2011: Samoa 2011: NOT HELD

2010: Australia 2010: NOT HELD

2009: Samoa 2009: NOT HELD

2008: Samoa 2008: Australia

  2007: Samoa