Oceania Rugby Executive Committee


The Oceania Rugby Executive Committee comprises of 8 positions, 5 of which are elected to 4 year terms, 2 of which are appointed to 4 year terms and 1 ex-officio position. 


PresidentEXCO MemberEXCO Member
Richard Sapias (PNG)Brent Anderson (NZL)Andrew Larratt (AUS)
since 2010since 2015since 2017
Oceania Rugby Representative to World Rugby Council   
EXCO MemberEXCO MemberWorld Rugby Representative (ex-officio)
George Latu (WSM)Charles Tauziet (TAH)Bruce Cook
 since 2018 since 2012 since 2017
Independent Director (appointed)Women's Director (appointed)General Manager (ex-officio)
Aloma JohanssonCathy Wong Bruce Cook
  since 2016 since 2016 since 2017
 Oceania Rugby Women's Representative to World Rugby Council