World Rugby Pacific Challenge

The World Rugby Pacific Challenge is the latest form of this important rugby development tournament pathway for the region. It began in 2006 as the Pacific Rugby Cup, an inter-island tournament with representative teams from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

In 2011 the IRB announced an exciting new format for the Pacific Rugby Cup which saw Super Rugby development teams from Australia and New Zealand participating for the first time. The new format was an outstanding success and was continued in 2012 and 2013.

The three A teams from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga played against Academy teams from eight Super Rugby teams in three separate series - an Australian series, a New Zealand series and a Pacific Island series where the three Pacific Island teams played each other.

This format took the Pacific Rugby Cup to a new level as a pathway tournament and show cased emerging young talent. Designed to bridge the gap between domestic and International rugby for the best locally-based players from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, it exposed the Pacific Island players and management to some of the best professional rugby structures in the world.

The Tournament continues to be a key element of the World Rugby’s global strategic investment program aimed at improving the competitiveness of the global Game.

In 2014 the tournament was expanded to include a Pampas XV from Argentina to assist with the move to include the Union in Super Rugby from 2016. In 2015 the tournament changed its name to the Pacific Rugby Challenge to reflect a move to a more international competition and the fact that the Super Rugby academy teams were no longer competing. In 2015 the PRC comprised the A teams from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga and the Pampas XV, Junior Japan and Canada A.


With the advent of the Americas Rugby Championship the 2016 World Rugby Pacific Challenge was reformatted to include: Fiji Warriors, Samoa A, Tonga A and Junior Japan.

2006 Champions : Savai'i Samoa

2007 Champions : Upolu Samoa

2008 Champions : Tautahi Gold

2009 Champions : Fiji Warriors

2010 Champions : Fiji Warriors

2011 Champions : Fiji Warriors
2012 Champions: Fiji Warriors
2013 Champions: Fiji Warriors
2014 Champions: Pampas XV
2015 Champions: Pampas XV
2016 Champions: Fiji Warriors


2016 World Rugby Pacific Challenge Schedule (Fiji):


Round 1:
Junior Japan 26 Tonga A 8
Fiji Warriors 34 Samoa A 6


Round 2:
Samoa A 50 Tonga A 0
Fiji Warriors 44 Junior Japan 14


Round 3:
Samoa A 42 Junior Japan 22
Fiji Warriors 56 Tonga A 18


Third/Fourth Play-off:
Junior Japan 30 Tonga A 44


Fiji Warriors 36 Samoa A 0