All eyes on this weekend

All eyes on Pacific Rugby this weekend. photo Zoomfiji

All eyes on Pacific Rugby this weekend. photo Zoomfiji

May 12, 2008 - 9:40am

With 4 rounds of hard matches done, there is a fantastic battle to secure a spot in this years final of the Pacific Rugby Cup. Defending champions Upolu Samoa lost for the first time over the weekend and now this creates a 3 horse race for the finals.

First up in the crunching rugby weekend is the Tauuta Reds hosting Savaii Samoa, if the visiting Samoans are winners then the calculators will be out to work out the winner takes all match between the reigning champions and the impressive Tautahi Gold team. They are 1 point apart on the table and both have everything to play for. If Upolu win they will again host the final at home, if Opolu loose then the gold’s will host their own final in Tonga a week later. Of course there are variations of all of this with draws, a loss by 7 points or less and this is where it all adds pressure and viewer excitement for us as every game is do or die.

The rising performers Tauuta Reds are now on home soil, they will very confident after the good win over the weekend and will be very hard to beat, they may be out of the running and at the very least will ensure that Savaii Samoa earn every point. Labasa Fiji’s northern Island will host the Barbarians vs the Warriors, both teams are hurting as they are lingering at the bottom of the table. This will be a grudge match and the last time to impress coach Illy Tabua if any of them have aspirations to play for the Fiji national team.

20080502 BAB vs Tau 2This weekend is overall a cracker for the Island nations, soon they will be in their national colours if they are good enough. Finals rugby is about being able to step up under pressure, to stay calm and do the right things when it matters. Most of all though pressure rugby brings out the great players who bring flair and raw heart to sway a game their teams way, the Islands will be alight this weekend finding the stars of our future teams.